IoT navi


Since starting services in 1996, we have successfully served over 130,000 customers with corporate servers operation services as a hosting services provider, and have approximately 6,700 sales agents working throughout Japan. We started full-scale cloud services in 2011. With main focus on cloud business, especially our cloud solution "GMO CLOUD ALTUS", we aim to develop services to reach beyond Japan and provide optimum IT infrastructure for all types of businesses, including global businesses. Since 2007, we have been expanding GlobalSign electronic certification services globally via the consolidated company, GMO GlobalSign, with branches in Belgium, UK, US, China, Singapore, Philippines, India, Russia, and Dubai. We entered the IoT Business in 2017, and released an IoT business-support platform "IoT navi by GMO".

Supporting IoT Business via
GMO CLOUD Group Technology and Operations

With more than 20 years of experience in cloud hosting operations with GMO CLOUD, we provide support for security and application building with our technology and consulting services.

5 Powers of "IoT navi"

With more than 20 years of experience in cloud, security, and solution businesses, we help our customers set up their own IoT business.